Outfit inspiration: Cannes fairy

(Photos via Fanpop)
Sarah Jessica Parker has always been one of my ultimate fashion and style icons. I’m always so thrilled to see her on the red carpet: her taste is almost impeccable and her style is so fun and fearless and without pretenses.
Sarah had several great moments during the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. Not only she rocked a white hot Dolce & Gabbana maxi dress, but she wore also one of the most beautiful Cannes gowns: a dreamy floral Elie Saab that contrasted nicely with all the monochromatic looks of other celebrities. You can always rely on SJP to bring some drama to the red carpet!
If you, just like me, would like to recreate this amazing look, you can try this: 
1. Topshop Jackie Dress by Goldie, £58.00
2. Zara Party Sandal, 29.95
3.  Lulu Townsend Textured Box Clutch, $29.95

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