My home: DIY candle holders

I think I’ve already mentioned around here how much I love the Tindra candles from Ikea. Not only do they smell really great (Rose and Tropical fruit are my faves), they also last for several days, and now that I’ve found a way to give them a second life I like them even more!
Several days ago I found myself with a whole lot of empty Tindra jars. Before throwing them into garbage however, I had a second thought: what about a small and simple DIY project? So, I removed the etiquette and the wax stuck at the bottom, and I filled the glass with several layers of colored decorative sand. A little tea candle on top of the sand layers, and voilà: something useless has become pretty again. These two are now decorating my Mom’s brand new living room, and I’m already planning on some new color and texture combinations.

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