Summer 2011 bucket list

When I stumbled upon the Cornflake Dreams recently, I immediately fell in love with this lovely blog. And I think that its author, Jilian, has had one of the most amazing blog ideas of the week: Summer Bucket List Wednesday Link-Up. I knew immediately that I had to participate! I love the idea of seasonal bucket lists (or bucket lists in general) and I feel that this summer it will be really fun to cross all the items off. So, would you like to know what I´ll be up to before the next Labor Day?

1. Enjoy a trip to New York.
2.Organize our move to Graz, Austria. (I’m sure that I’ll spend a great deal of summer scrolling through home deco blogs / magazines / Pinterest boards.)
3. Come up with my own cocktail recipe and sip it while watching the sunset on our balcony.
4. Bake a different dessert every weekend.
5. Read all the books on my summer reading list.
6. Start sewing again and make my own perfect summer dress.
7. Try a new shade of nail polish every day.
8. Read through my ever-growing stack of inspiring magazines.
9. Start learning German.
And now, I’m eager to know: what’s on your summer bucket list? 

11 thoughts on “Summer 2011 bucket list

  1. Natalie says:

    you have all the same books as i do on my reading list! water for elephants was great. i'm thisclose to finishing The Hunger Games series…so addicting! The Help is next after that. Thanks for stopping by earlier!


  2. says:

    Great ideas! I'll be visiting NYC for my first time this month! Cocktails at sunset is always fantastic, and I love me some backing. I actually have some fun recipes on my blog you should check out!


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