Friday’s Fancies #3: Hot summer in the city

Not everyone will have the chance to spend some time at the sunny beach in some exotic destination this summer. I, personally, will spend next 4 weeks recovering from my surgery (which means no sport and no flying, ugh!), the following four weeks will be in the name of work frenzy, and then, FINALLY, at the end of August, I’ll be able to hop on the plane and spend much more deserved 10 days in the most stylish city in the world…yes, you guessed right, I’ll be off to New York!
So, this summer, I have no worries about swimsuits, bikinis and diets! I have only one mission: put together as many stylish ensembles as I can, to wow the Big Apple! I’ve already started to build my dream wardrobe with this and this post and today, I’ve chosen to mix two of my favorite summer colors: bright pink and cobalt blue. This beautiful dress has summer written all over it. Paired with color-blocked sandals and a cobalt clutch it will add the perfect pop of color to any summer wardrobe. Obsessed with hats as I am, I’ve immediately fell in love with this one that´s both fun and elegant. Some silver sparkle (you know well that the diamonds are a girl’s best friend!) and bright pink lips & nails are just the perfect finishing touches. 
What´s your perfect outfit for a hot summer in the city?


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