Beauty: Diane Kruger´s silver eyeshadow

(Images via Gossip Avenue)
My love everything beauty started somewhere in 7th or 8th grade and ever since, I tend to try each and every beauty product I can lay my hands on. I’m following religiously beauty sections in my favorite magazines, and I get inspired all over the blogosphere. 
However, there’s one look I always come back to: dewy skin, soft lips AND sparkling silvery eyes accentuated with a black eyeliner. That’s why I almost jumped to the ceiling when I saw one of my favorite style mavens, Diane Kruger, rocking this simple, yet stunning look at an event in Parisian Louvre. This makeup is far from being too much, and yet you can’t get your eyes off her glowy skin, sparkling eyes and coral lips. And the best part? You’ll only need a few products to try this amazing look on your own! 
Here´s the tutorial:
As usually, prep your skin with a moisturizer. Unify your complexion with a compact makeup that will protect you from the summer sun. Cover your eyelids with subtly sparkling silver eyeshadow and apply a little bit of it under your bottom lashes as well. Add some relief to your upper eyelids with a jet black eyeliner and two or three coats of waterproof mascara. Finish your look with a hint of coral on your cheeks and lips. And you´re ready to wow your friends on a perfect summer garden party!
3. Benefit BADGal Liner Waterproof, $20

11 thoughts on “Beauty: Diane Kruger´s silver eyeshadow

  1. Anna Elder says:

    she looks so great. i'm loving her dress (or top) a whole lot! i love silver eyeshadow. i tend to use it more in the winter and golds/champagne shimmers in the summer. silver makes me look pale. i love that cheek color choice too!


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