Inspired by: Autumn in Chanel

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Of all the wonderfully talented designers out there, there is only one I love unconditionally and irrevocably: Karl Lagerfeld who has always been an immense source of inspiration to me. Whatever he does, he does it with love and curiosity that I can absolutely relate to. He brought Chanel to the 21st century and I’m sure that Coco herself, however complicated her character was, would love him and his work. 
Despite the fact that almost everything labeled Chanel is currently out of reach of my credit card, I’m a Chanel girl. Always have, always will. And while saving my pennies for my first 2.55, I can always make my heart skip a beat with a brand new nail polish (I’m waiting veeery impatiently for my Mimosa and Morning Rose to arrive) or a shiny lipstick (right now, Boy is the very first on my wish list). 
Needless to say that I follow each and every fashion week religiously, waiting impatiently for the next big Chanel show, and I’m never disappointed. Like, ever! And I’m always happy to share my biggest crush – the looks that I love the most, that inspire me the most – with you.
According to Karl Lagerfeld, autumn will be designed in a black & white & grey color palette, with some hints of fuchsia. I love all those perfectly tailored ensembles, breathtaking gowns with the 20s’ vibe and the touches of sexy black lace. And there is one thing I’m absolutely obsessed with: those perfect smoky eyes and nude lips. Too classic and predictable, you say? Well, not at all. One detail – a light black lace veil – was just enough to give the models a touch of drama and to take this look to completely another level. I’m impressed!
Once again, bravo Karl!

6 thoughts on “Inspired by: Autumn in Chanel

  1. blacksandbrights says:

    have that lipstick and let me tell you i love it more everyday its just colorful and shiny enough to make my lips look amazing but not so much that i cant wear it daily – also you should check out they have sooo many chanels at a discount – my favvv


  2. Jenna says:

    The black lace is such a nice touch! It really does add the perfect element of edge to the classic looks.

    A few years ago, I was at the ocean when my little brother spotted a pair of sunglasses in the surf. I looked down just in time to see the Chanel logo before they were swept back to sea. I didn't wear them outside the remainder of the trip in fears that someone would recognize the glasses and say, “Oh hey! I lost a pair of those.”

    But anyways. I took the sunglasses to my current job at the time, which was at an eBay drop-off store. My boss there was trained in spotting counterfeit items so she took a look at my glasses and cleared them as genuine.

    I still wear the sunglasses today even though they have a fair amount of faint scratches from their trip in the Atlantic! 🙂 They're gorgeous glasses, and I can't believe how I acquired them! Lol

    Whew! Sorry- had to share my Chanel story.


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