Friday’s Fancies #5: Blush Code

Everytime I see the calendar these days, I’m simply stunned. How come the days fly by in such a rush? Of course, I don’t mind seeing Friday arrive (especially because of Friday’s Fancies), but all the same.
I have something simple yet special for you today: I simply can’t imagine better color for summer than blush (especially since when I’m not tanned, white really isn’t a good idea for me!). Soft pink will make you look and feel sexy and demure at the same time. And when paired with some bold accessories, it’s just perfect for a summer night out, a shopping spree or a date night. 
1. This soft and silky dress has the perfect cut, something between breezy and tailored. 
2. I would wear it with a pair of boldly colored wedges, to combine sexy and comfortable. 
3. & 5. Of course, if money were no object, I would throw on this deep purple 2.55 and a Chanel charm necklace, to add that special vavavoom.
4. & 6. I would top it of with a glamorous pair of sunnies and a silk Hermes carré, and I’ll be ready for a ride in a fancy cabriolet 🙂

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