Friday’s Fancies #7: Silvery blue

The week has come and gone again, and now it’s time for one of my favorite weekly activities: putting together my dreamy Friday’s Fancies outfit. Intrigued? Be sure to pop over to the lovely blog Long distance loving, and you’ll see how many wonderful and stylish women link up there every week! It’s just the right opportunity to set your fashion sense free and put together an outfit as if money were no object.
This week I got inspired by a cobalt blue skirt I ordered at Dorothy Perkins. I just fell in love with this rich and vibrant color, that pairs perfectly with some cold silvery accessories and a bold and bright makeup.

1. This amazing dress would be a perfect addition to my summer wardrobe. Its relaxed cut and just the right length would show off  the summer tan (well, still dreaming here, ’cause I haven’t seen the sun for two weeks now!)
2. These Louboutins are every girl’s dream. One word: perfection!
3. Looking for a more comfortable option? For a busy day of running errands and shopping, I would pair my blue dress with these silvery wedges, designed by Michael Kors.
4. A Marc Jacobs bag never goes a miss! Not too big, not too small, beautifully quilted, it’s my dream bag for any occasion. 
5. & 6. Sometimes, I just need some bling in my life! That’s where pretty jewelry comes to the scene: a sparkly necklace complements the color of the dress. And the ring…THE ring, I should say. With a price tag of more than 20 000 bucks, it belongs definitely to the dream department…now, where’s my sponsor when I need him the most?
7. If anyone knows how to make a fancy lipstick, it’s Guerlain. This one not only has the most beautiful pink color, but a fancy tube as well: you can easily showcase it as your new accessory.
8. A dark purple “Katy Perry-esque” shade for my nails….
9. ….a mist of the legendary Dior perfume, and I’m ready to go!

12 thoughts on “Friday’s Fancies #7: Silvery blue

  1. Anna Elder says:

    ok, well…i want pretty much everyone on here. especially that marc jacobs bag! i have an obsession. i stick with marc by marc for now since it's more in my price range…but one of these days i will own at least one marc jacobs bag!! haha. thank you so much for you super sweet comment. it made my day! have a wonderful weekend.


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