Decor Inspiration: Colors & Patterns

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We all know that decorating with patterns can be really tricky. But these two designers have found the right way to do it. Their Brooklyn house is full of stripes, floral and chevron patterns, even some birds are present. What is their secret? The right color palette. 
If the colors work together, the patterns will as well. The basic color palette is very simple: white, various shades of green and yellow, with occasionnal splashes of pink. And somehow, it all looks great together and creates a traditional, yet edgy home. How do you like it?

10 thoughts on “Decor Inspiration: Colors & Patterns

  1. Jessie says:

    Great find, Ivana! I love how these guys mix bold patterns and colors beautifully. I actually featured them in my blog before but it seems that they change out the wallpapers and lighting fixtures in the bedroom and eating area. Check out this post. It's fun to play spot the difference. LOL.

    Thanks for this post. I can now see what the other area looks like!



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