New York diaries: Wandering around

{Strolling down and shopping the Fifth Avenue}
As I promised, here come a few pictures from my New York wanderings. Simply looking at these photos brings me back to that wonderful city where something fabulous is always waiting for you just around the corner. 
With my boyfriend we already visited all the tourist spots last year (hello, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty or MET), that’s why this time we decided just to have some fun, eat well, and enjoy the time spent together. We saw a Broadway show, a stand up comedy, visited a beer garden with his cousins (where I stumbled upon a Slovak waiter – so fun!), had an amazing barbecue and spent a lot of time chilling out in Central Park. That’s what I call the perfect vacation: no fuss, no stress and loads of new and beautiful memories! 
We spent quite some time deciding on which Broadway show we should go to see…
…and this was the ONE: Chicago at the Ambassador Theater. It was one of the most entertaining shows I’ve ever seen. Amazing music, incredibly talented crew and a lot of fun…Wonderful!
I very much enjoyed wandering around the Central Park…
…and watching those fearless little squirrels running around and begging for some food…
…and letting my boyfriend take me for a boat ride around the Bethesda fountain…
…while enjoying an incredible view of New York buildings. Pure joy.
I’ve always been fascinated by Times Square by night: it might be overly touristy and corny, but that’s where you really understand that this city never sleeps!
And finally, a little clin d’oeil for my French friends: even while in New York, you can go to Paris 🙂 

6 thoughts on “New York diaries: Wandering around

  1. Jenna says:

    Ahh New York IS fabulous! I've always wanted to see “Chicago” on stage; I loved that movie so much. And I love the picture of your boyfriend rowing the boat! Adorable!


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