Friday’s Fancies #19: Happy Halloween!

It’s been a few years that Halloween celebrations appeared in Slovakia, and every now and then I get a glimpse of people in costumes, or carved pumpkins displayed in the windows. Yet, I  must confess that I’ve never really got to grow fond of this holiday. However, this doesn’t prevent me from loving the typical Halloween color combo: orange and black. These two colors look exceptionally good together: orange livens up the basic black, while black tames a little bit the flashy tangerine hue. I had a lot of fun (as always) pulling together this week´s Friday’s Fancies ensemble: bright colored pants are something I’ve always wanted to try but I never found a well-fitting pair. It all comes down to my hourglass figure, that is totally ignored by almost all the retailers. I say “Thank you Levi’s” every morning when I pull on my Curve ID’s, otherwise I’d never wear jeans. Maybe they’ll do a colored collection one day…and while I’m daydreaming, check out not only my Halloween ensemble, but all the fabulous outfits over at Long distance loving!
6. Yarnz Leopard Scarf$188.00


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