Real talk: Dare to succeed

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Do you have a thing (or maybe things) in your life that you’ve always wanted to do, yet you never even tried it? I have quite a few. Actually, my personal list of dreams and wishes is quite extensive, and yet there were times when a simple idea of fulfilling my dreams scared me. Why? I often ask myself what’s standing between me and my success. Is it fear? Lack of confidence? Procrastination? Most probably it’s a combination of the three. 

Then again, over the past year I’ve learned one major lesson: you have to see a crisis as an opportunity. Loss of job, relationship crisis, lack of motivation. Been there, done that. Everyone has moments in his or her life when nothing’s going right. It feels like your world is falling apart and you don’t know what’s waiting for you in the future. I was in such a situation only a few months ago. Freshly graduated, unable to find a job of my dreams in the country of my dreams, I was watching my own family falling apart while having some serious health issues. Plus, at the same time, we got into a long distance relationship with my boyfriend so I didn’t even have a shoulder to cry on. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. 
I spent so much time thinking about why. Why me. Why now. Classic questioning. And than it hit me. I think all in life happens for a reason. And maybe this was an opportunity for me to spend a little more time thinking about how I live my life. Everyone around me has always imagined my life in quite a simple way: masters in international relations, first job at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the whole career in diplomacy. No need to say, that didn’t happen. And for the first time in my life I had enough time to think whether this was something I really wanted for myself. I spent a lot of sleepless nights thinking and rethinking my life choices, and in the end, the conclusion was painful but simple: my own dreams, and the dreams of my entourage weren’t the same. They tried to persuade me that they knew exactly what was best for me. But that’s not true. 
And now I’m really grateful even for those several horrific months because they taught me a lot of things. That I need to follow my own path. That I deserve my happiness, and I deserve to pursue all of my dreams. I’m ready to start a new life in a new country. And I’m ready to chase after my dreams each and every day. So, please keep your fingers crossed for me.
And don’t forget, each crisis presents a valuable opportunity. You just need to figure it out on your own!

6 thoughts on “Real talk: Dare to succeed

  1. L'art says:

    Wow!!! Congratulations! You just did kick your own ass and decided to live by your own rules! Excuse me for being so direct, but believe me I recognize a lot of myself in this story…
    I grew up and have lived most of my life in society that made you live and think INSIDE the box and you didn't have a choice to be different. Well, I did dare to be different and not follow anybody else's rules or expectations.
    My mother always wanted me to finnish college and I didn't, she wanted me to get married and have kids after the college, I did that all by being 21 and now I'm still following my dream in being a photographer and even tho I'm just going to open my very first solo exhibition, she still thinks that I should have listened to her, that photography can't be a job, but a hobby and that I'm just kidding myself.
    YOU HAVE TO listen to your heart regardless what other people might say or think, even if they're your family! This is your life at the end of the day, so go for your it girl!! Good luck with new job!!


  2. creativefashionglee says:

    I admire your positivity, dear. I truly understand all that you´ve been through, been there too. I waited for a while, putting the welfare of my family first, before I pursued my own dreams. It took me time, but because I didn´t give up on my dreams, it´s slowly folding good in my lap now. I wish you all the best in your new pursuits. God bless. 🙂


  3. Style Savvy Chic says:

    Kudos to you! You don't know how I needed to hear that. I am in the process and feeling the same way. We map out our life in our minds, but fate hands us many trials and obstacles along the way. However, my pastor says to never think for one second that there isnt SOMETHING to be grateful for day to day. I am grateful that I am not on the street or deathly ill, I can still make a difference and this should be enough to be productive and still make dreams come true. Be blessed and I hope everything works out!

    ~ Erica


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