Dress like a star: Anthracite & Black

As much as I love bright colors and color blocking, sometimes I find myself gravitating towards black and various shades of gray. I love to reach out for my black staples especially on those uninspired mornings, when I feel like I have nothing to wear. My black skinny jeans and grey cashmere sweater are always there to save me. Plus, they can be easily accessorized with a fun bag and tons of costume jewelry.
When it comes to styling blacks and grays, I have several personal rules that I try to follow on any occasion: I never wear a black total look, it’s too sad and uninspiring. I always try to add a little pop of color (a bright patterned clutch is all I’m asking for) and a little bit of sparkle (a statement necklace can liven up any neutral top). I also stay away from slouchy items: they only look good on Kate Moss. When it comes to black, I prefer the clothes with some sort of structure: they look more elegant and chic (and the slimming effect is not to waste 🙂 
Sarah Jessica Parker wore a perfect black & gray outfit to an opening of New York City Center, and I’m really obsessed with the beautiful A-line skirt, structured top and patterned tights. I could wear this outfit every day!
Do you have a go-to outfit you rely on?

9 thoughts on “Dress like a star: Anthracite & Black

  1. Bravoe Runway says:

    I love this outfit inspired by SJP! I agree with you an all black look is sad an uninspiring! Thank you so much for stopping by, I am glad you like the look I put together with the 2 tone h&m skirt you have!


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