DIY: Last minute Advent wreath

I can hardly believe that today is the first Advent Sunday! How come the 2011 has fled so fast? The Christmas market in Graz kicked off last weekend and all the Christmas songs are being played on the radio. For me, the Christmas time doesn’t really start until I hear Wham’s Last Christmas…how appropriate that the first time I heard this song this year was just yesterday, while I was putting together my Advent wreath!
It’s the first time I made it from scratch, instead of buying it. And yet I must say, that due to the lack of calendars in our house, I almost missed the first Advent weekend! It hit me just when I was browsing the Farmers Market on Saturday morning: I was seeing the Advent wreaths everywhere! I bough one prearranged pine wreath, I made one quick stop at my favorite crafts shop and I set myself to work: I attached thin green wire to four vanilla-scented advent candles and four little gift box ornaments and secured them on the wreath. Then I wrapped a shimmery garland all around the wreath and voilà! It´s really as simple as that. 

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