Dress like a star: Green leopard

Animal prints come and go, but a nice leopard will never go out of style. It is one of the most stylish and sexy prints, but it can be quite tricky to pull off. In this case, the line between sexy and embarrassing is really thin. I’m convinced that “use with caution” is the best advice to follow. Don’t go over the top, don’t mix leopard with another leopard and when it comes to accessories, stick to one color.

Rose Byrne has proven that when done right, even an emerald green leopard print can look chic and classy. I simply can’t get enough of her beautiful D&G dress and if I could, I would wear it immediately! Long sleeves and no cleavage are definitely a great choice: when it comes to leopard, flaunting your body should never be an option! A pair of black patent peep toe shoes, a belt that accentuates your waist and a cute charm necklace is all you need to look perfect!

1. Oasis Leopard Print Shift Dress$105.00$70.00
2. Asos Pink Lady Patent Peep Toe Court Shoe$72.72
3. French Connection Whip Wonder Belt$72.72
4. Blu Bijoux Flower Disc Charm Necklace$42.00$18.00
5. Susan B Amethyst Blossom Cocktail Ring$92.00$59.99


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