Travel: Vienna Christmas market

When we moved to Austria, one of the things I was really looking forward was visiting the Christmas markets. And while all the Graz markets (they say there are 8, but we only managed to find five, so the challenge is still up) are beautiful and inviting, when I think of a spectacular Christmas market, I always think of Vienna. It’s so old and famous, and I can hardly believe that I had to wait 25 years to see it! But it was well worth the waiting. I don’t know what I loved most: the delicious kirsch punch, delicate white Christmas ornaments, all those sparkling Christmas lights or a giant gingerbread house… But I’m pretty sure that spending some quality time with my parents and seeing them happy and content again, was definitely the best part of this trip! I’m already looking forward to the next year!

30 thoughts on “Travel: Vienna Christmas market

  1. Sue W says:

    I so want to visit Vienna at Christmastime! (Well, okay, I also kind of want to roam the entirety of Europe, but Vienna's the only place that I have a specific time I want to see it at). It's just so gorgeous, and it looks like fun.

    And thank you for your comment on my blog! I'm glad you liked it, sorry you found it right around the time I had to take a finals-induced break! I love your blog's title, and I believe I've joined your followers.


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