From my kitchen: Eggnog truffles

I have a huge weakness for truffles and pralines. When you lived in France and Belgium for a few years (like I did) it’s really hard to resist them. But until this Christmas I never ventured into making them from scratch. Maybe I just thought that it would be difficult to make something better than Godiva. But I’ve found a very tempting recipe and since I had a bottle of Mom’s delicious Christmas eggnog in the fridge, I just made the leap. And I couldn’t be more surprised and delighted with the results. 
The eggnog with pecans make for a delicious combination of flavors and a hint of rum is all it takes to make it perfect. Covered in white and milk chocolate frosting they are almost too pretty to be eaten (but only almost, since they’ve been disappearing pretty fast, as far as I’m concerned). They will surely be part of the special Christmas diner I’m preparing for my fiancé tonight. Since we can’t be together on Saturday, we’re having our own Christmas Eve tonight, with foie gras, champagne and gifts…It’s such a lovely way to celebrate Christmas together, regardless of the date!

PS: And for all those who asked yesterday, a gingerbread house is really easier to make than it seems! And no, we won’t eat it, it’s only for decorative purposes and I’m afraid it wouldn’t taste good.


24 thoughts on “From my kitchen: Eggnog truffles

  1. BROKEN.WHIMSY says:

    Oh my goodness! I am completely enamoured by your finesse in baking! So jealous right now! haha. Everything looks absolutely delicious but cant quite believe you wont be nomming on your gingerbread house haha xx Eeli


  2. luvvleighb says:

    I just came across your blog and it's adorable! Those pralines look as if they are to die for!… And anything with eggnog in it is mmmmm! Have fun with the fiance tonight 🙂
    Luvv, Leigh B


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