Friday’s Fancies #27: White Christmas

When I arrived in Slovakia yesterday, I was welcomed with a fresh coat of snow, and I couldn’t be happier. Christmas without snow is kind of sad and dull since I have so many beautiful childhood memories running around in the garden, making snowmen and snow angels… To celebrate this beautiful white Christmas, I more than enjoyed putting together a fabulous white outfit. I was instantly drawn to this sleek, stunning and feminine dress. To me, it epitomizes Christmas glamour in its most glorious kind. I would accessorize it with a bunch of metallic items and sparkling jewelry. I’m sure that if you appeared dressed like this, nobody would see the Christmas lights!
Here’s to a stylish and fabulous Christmas! 
8. Kirby´s Crab Cocktail Ring$75.00$65.00
9. Essie Size Matters$8.00
Check out all the beautiful white ensembles at Long Distance Loving:

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