Beauty: Perfect party makeup

I’m still not sure what my New Years Eve outfit will be (nor do I know what I´ll be doing for that matter, my fiancé is taking care of the organization this year so it will be a surprise), but I’m already sure what my makeup will look like. I’m a huge fan of smoky eyes, but I never really got around to loving the classic, black version. Maybe it’s because it always looks so harsh on me. I love to experiment with various color palettes, and greys and greens are definitely my favorites. This time, I’m going for an unexpected Union Jack combo: silver, blue and a hint of magenta. Can´t wait to see how it turns out! Several coats of jet black mascara are a must, as well as a swipe of fuchsia gloss. Essie’s Size Matters is my new favorite, and it’ll look wonderfully festive with a glittery copper top coat.

15 thoughts on “Beauty: Perfect party makeup

  1. Jenna says:

    Love this post!! What does the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage do? Is it a concealer? And while I am asking such important makeup questions, what kind of pressed powder do you like best for setting makeup? 🙂


  2. Satin And Salt says:

    i wanted to do a bold red lip for new years but it will get messed up when i kiss my man friend at midnight! So, Im thinking a cat eye with nude lip instead! I donno what Im wearing either! I need help deciding. I wanted to stray away from a little sexy dress and this year I am thinking of either wearing black leather leggings with a sheer white button up blouse or a black pant suit with a gold glittery top. Any thoughts?



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