Dress like a star: Skinny jeans and leather jacket

When it comes to my recent style icons and inspiration, Blake Lively most certainly tops my list. I love her chic and effortless style, whether she wears a pair of jeans and a leather jacket, or a sophisticated Chanel gown. She can make any outfit her own. The thing I admire the most is that she never uses help of a stylist: she isn’t afraid to make mistakes. She’d rather land on a Worst dressed list than let someone else tell her who to be and what to wear. That’s so inspiring and empowering!
This is the kind of outfit I wear on almost a daily basis. Of course, my style is very feminine and I love all the dresses and skirts that live in my closet. But when I’m running errands or shopping, I just love to feel comfortable and not fussy. A pair of well-cut jeans and a perfectly worn-in leather jacket will always hold a special place in my wardrobe.

1. Asos Leather Biker Jacket$181.80


42 thoughts on “Dress like a star: Skinny jeans and leather jacket

  1. Rhe Beep says:

    I love skinny jeans and leather jackets! I practically live in them when I can. Blake Lively is one of my style favs to. She looks just effortlessly chic.



  2. jillian m. says:

    Skinny jeans with a leather jacket is basically my uniform, haha. I like to add little feminine touches to pretty it up a bit.

    And I love Blake Lively's style! If I could raid her wardrobe…


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