Friday’s Fancies #30: Color Crush — Magenta

Friday’s Fancies is definitely one of my favorite blog rendez-vous. I love how, week after week, it challenges my creativity, makes me think outside the box and experiment with different themes and styles. It’s unbelievable that this is my 30th week of participating! What’s more, this week’s theme really struck a chord with me. I love colors. A few years ago, I had quite a black style period. It changed the day when I looked into my closet, and realized that it was so dark in there! I’ve been experimenting with different colors ever since, and I love to surround myself with vibrant hues in my home. When I have to pick one favorite, I always go for magenta (the layout of my blog speaks for itself). I’m completely smitten with this vibrant shade of pink — it is such a beautiful and happy color! I’ve built this ensemble around a fabulous hot pink cashmere sweater, and I can see myself wearing this outfit in the early spring, duringIt´s just perfection to me!

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