Little things

A little bit of summer brought to the chilly winter time: fresh Caprese salad and a glass of rosé.
A stack of bracelets from H&M that will accessorize a lot of my future outfits.
A perfect program for an overcast afternoon: hot chocolate, delicious chocolate filled with irish coffee and a stack of fashionable reading. 
A little collection of pretty wrapping papers for a bunch of upcoming decor projects.
A stylish Forever 21 London shopper bag that will accompany me on my weekly gourmet shopping sprees.  

18 thoughts on “Little things

  1. Jenna says:

    I think we should drink Irish coffee, eat chocolate, and read fashion magazines together 🙂 The Meryl Streep Vogue was my favorite cover of this whole year! I was so excited to see her on there!!!


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