From my kitchen: Cinnamon rolls

One thing I really miss in Graz is having a Starbucks on every other corner of the street (like in Paris). Of course, now that I can make my own vanilla latte at home, my life is considerably tastier 🙂 but I was still mourning their delicious cinnamon rolls. And then, over the weekend, it struck me: why couldn’t I make them on my own as well? This recipe (minus the glaze) is quite easy and fail-proof, even if I had the hardest time converting the US cups and tablespoons into european grams. But with a considerable help from Google, I got the knack of it at last! And it was well worth the trouble: my place smelled heavenly hours and hours after I made them, and I’ve come to realize that the homemade cinnamon rolls are even better than my beloved Starbucks version. 

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