From my kitchen: Pain perdu

While living in France, I picked up a fair amount of delicious French recipes that keep on turning in my kitchen (I’m making quiche with ridiculous regularity, I could eat croque monsieur three times a week, and don’t even get me started on macarons!). And yet, given my love for bread & berries, I can hardly believe, that it took me this long to make pain perdu with berry sauce!
On workdays, breakfast in our place is quite a simple and straightforward matter: cereals, toast, café au lait. There’s really no time for me to experiment. But I really love to get out of the rut on weekends! Trying new and intriguing recipes is always so fun!. This pain perdu was definitely a huge success, and it will surely become a brunch staple.
Next on my list: pear & ricotta croque monsieur!


23 thoughts on “From my kitchen: Pain perdu

  1. Jackie {York Avenue} says:

    Mmm I want this immediately! I read this and was like, oh, it's French toast! Then I realized you said you picked it up in France- guess it makes sense they wouldn't call it “French toast!”. I've never had it with berries though, it looks sooo good! Definitely making this this weekend, yum.


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