Friday’s Fancies #33: Spring Fever

I got back to my parents yesterday, and I promise I will never ever complain about the weather in Graz again! All right, it’s cold and there’s a little bit of snow right now. But in my hometown in Slovakia, the temperature drops below -15°C during the day (and frankly, I don’t even want to know what it’s like at night!), and I’m freeeezing! Like, literally freezing. I went to town in the afternoon and I thought that my ears were going to fall off. So I hope you won’t blame me if I go hide somewhere near the heating and dream about spring outfits for the rest of my (extended) stay…I definitely need some more sunshine and color in my life right now!

1. Viktor & Rolf Wide Leg Trousers$975.00

Don’t forget to check out all the fabulous ensembles over at Long Distance Loving:

38 thoughts on “Friday’s Fancies #33: Spring Fever

  1. Darling Bonnie says:

    Ahhh Slovakia!!! That's cool but I do hope that you can keep very warm… The items above are divine and definitely put me in the mood for spring!!!!
    Darling Bonnie


  2. Clare Christine says:

    All of this color!! It is just wonderful 🙂 I love the fun, eclectic collection of clothing/accessories…and colors that you have. What a fabulous outfit! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Friday!!
    Twirling Clare


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