Valentine’s Day beauty

I’ve been a girly kind of girl for as long as I can remember (with the awkward exception somewhere around seventh grade). I used to sneak into my Mom’s vanity, I rimmed my eyes with black kohl so they became completely invisible, smudged the lipstick all over my lips and spent ages in front of the mirror, admiring my work. Luckily, my make-up techniques have evolved quite a lot over the years, and I can finally manage my eyeliner without looking like a raccoon! Trying new products and pampering are still two of my favorite activities. When I feel really sad or overwhelmed, when I have the impression that nothing’s going right, I make myself a hot bubble bath, put on hair and face masks, close my eyes and just let my thoughts flow. And when I leave my bathroom feeling all beautiful, I can usually put all my troubles in perspective.
This was equally true when I was single and feeling blue on Valentine’s day. I never used to trash this holiday, on the contrary, I used my free time to pamper my most fabulous self, and guess what? It really worked! So why not keep this tradition?
Have you already checked out the guest post I made for lovely Amanda? I´m sharing a few Valentine’s Day styling tips, and there are some seriously fabulous clothes involved!

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