Friday’s Fancies #34: Red & Pink

Until recently, colors were one of the biggest style challenges to me. I used to go all-black all the time, or I would throw in something grey to “spice” things up a little. Some say that all-black outfits are very stylish and fashionable, but when I look at my pictures from a few years ago, I mostly find them sad and without a spark. I don’t really know what changed my mind (maybe I was just feeling downrigh depressed by my fashion choices), but now my closet is really colorful and when I’m looking for a black top or a sweater to pair with my hot pink skirt, I have the hardest time finding one. Colorblocking is not an enemy anymore, and that’s why I fell head over heels for this week’s Friday’s Fancies. I can’t imagine more stylish, colorful and optimistic combo than red and pink, for these are hands down my favorite two colors ever!
What about you? Do you have a love-hate relationship with color, or does your closet feels like a rainbow?

1. Miu Miu Lace-bow silk top$590.00

Don´t forget to check out all the fabulous ensembles over at Long Distance Loving:

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