The Hunger Games inspired wedding

Photos via You & Your Wedding

I have stumbled upon these photos a few days ago, while browsing You & Your Wedding website for my own wedding inspiration, and I simply couldn’t resist the temptation to share. You know how big of a Hunger Games fan I am: I’ve read all three books several times, I have them in their audio form on my iPhone and I can’t even explain it properly, but there is something in that story that touches the most inner parts of my brain and soul and I love reading every single page over and over again.
And while this photo shoot might not represent precisely my idea of chic and glamorous reception, there are many beautiful and eye-catching details that are simply too beautiful to pass: like the sea of ruffles on Katniss’ dress, simple yet glamorous golden chairs, exquisite calligraphy place cards, pretty gold-trimmed vases with daffodils, simple white candles, homemade fruit pies that could have come straight from Peeta’s bakery, and natural linens. And the cherry on top? A stunningly beautiful Mockingjay wedding cake. I love when a photo makes me dream and these have kept me dreaming for several days already. 

Photos were taken by very talented Carmen Santorelli.


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