Friday’s Fancies #28: New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve is definitely one of my favorite days of the year. You know me well: I’m not really a big party animal and the best New Year’s Eve I can imagine is at home, with my fiancé and my closest family, and with loads of delicious food and champagne bubbles. The thing I love the most is that perspective of a fresh start, that conviction that I can leave the old year behind and look forward to all the fabulous new things that lay ahead! These new beginnings hold so many wonderful promises and I’m ready to believe all over again that everything is possible! Aside from Christmas, this is the best time of the year. So why not to celebrate it with style? This week I’ve completely blown off my Friday’s Fancies imaginary budget and I’m really proud of it. Those stunning dresses and fabulous shoes are definitely among the most beautiful things I’ve seen this year!
What about you? Do you like this perspective of a fresh start as much as I do or are you sad to see the old year go?

Check out all the stylish and fabulous ensembles at Long Distance Loving!

29 thoughts on “Friday’s Fancies #28: New Years Eve

  1. prettymeggy says:

    i'm also not a party gal.. i've been celebrating new year at home but i make it sure i have a good look so always wear something special 🙂
    i love your set.. those shoes, dress and those rings are just gorgeous!!!
    wish you a happy new year my dear. xoxo, Haus of Gala


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